Household, Industrial, & Institutional

Improve your HI&I formulations with a wide range of options including surfactants, specialty polymers, odor control, and more.



Flexisperse 225

Methacrylic acid polymer which is an highly effective dispersant, deflocculent, anti-scalant, and rheology modifier. Produces stable dispersions at high concentrations with lower viscosities.

Flexisperse 300

Partially neutralized, low molecular weight, sodium polyacrylate polymer designed for use as a scale inhibitor and dispersant.

Flexisperse 300N

Fully neutralized, low molecular weight, sodium polyacrylate polymer designed for use as a scale inhibitor and dispersant.

Flexisperse 740

Aqueous, acrylic/sulfonate copolymer (5000 molecular weight) with high calcium tolerance for dispersion, suspension, and scale inhibition under severe service conditions.

Flexisperse 745

Aqueous, acrylic/sulfonate copolymer (5000 molecular weight, 43% actives) which provides anti-scalant benefits in phosphate-based water treatment programs, and as a stabilizer in zinc-containing programs.

Flexisperse 746

Aqueous, acrylic/sulfonate copolymer (10,000 molecular weight) which provides anti-scalant benefits for industrial boiler treatment. Provides optimal anti-scalant/dispersant efficiency through multiple mechanisms.

Flexisperse 835

Acrylic acid/Maleic acid copolymer specifically designed as a co-builder and antiscalant for effectiveness in alkaline pH hypochlorite solutions. Also provides anti-redeposition of soil.

Flexisperse 880

Aqueous, acrylic/maleic copolymer (6000 molecular weight) which is designed as an excellent general purpose anti-scalant. Effective in severe service conditions of high pH, high electrolyte conditions, and high temperature.

Hard Surface Cleaners

Flexibrite TM-300

Water-based dispersant polymer for Daily Shower Cleaners. Contributes to low-VOC products and provides treated surfaces which resist soap scum, body oils, and hard water spotting.

Flexiclean CWR

Alkaline detergent specifically designed to aid removal of Flexisperse CW-40 temporary coating from surfaces.

Flexiclean HWCC

Dilutable cleaning concentrate for finished wood floors, furniture, and cabinets. Gentle cleaning power with a biodegradable and phosphate-free formula.

Flexiclean SS-100

Concentrated aqueous emulsion used to impart high gloss to vinyl, rubber, and other surfaces. Used automotive interiors and exteriors, shoe care products, and furniture polishes.

Flexipel Q-1000

A concentrated, polar solvent-based, reactive silane which dissolves in water and solvents to produce a range of surface modification products.

Flexipel Q-50

An aqueous, water stable, reactive silane which readily dissolves in water to produce a range of benefits including antistatic, lubricity, water repellency, and scratch resistance.

Flexipel SR-80

Aqueous polymer used to impart a hydrophilic and easy clean surface which resists soap scum build-up, hard water deposits, and oily soil. Provides spot-free drying and anti-fogging benefits.

Flexipel SR-95HF

Functionalized dispersant polymer used to impart a durable barrier layer to hard surfaces which resists soap scum, oily soil, and hard water deposits. Also provides haze-free benefits.

Flexishine CP-100

Water-dilutable, concentrated surfactant and fine oil emulsion used to create a one-step cleaner/polish/protector for stainless steel appliances.

Flexisurf EHDP

Versatile salt-free amphoteric surfactant which compatibilizes nonionic surfactants in high electrolyte formulations while contributing detergency with low foam.

Flexisurf LRS

Anionic detergent system used to produce low VOC, non-flammable, DOT non-regulated glass and surface cleaners. Provides streak-free cleaning.

Flexiwet WBD

Non-VOC, water-based degreaser which provides powerful wetting and detergent properties in hard surface cleaner formulations. Flexiwet WBD nonionic surfactant is phosphate-free and APEO-free.

Thetawet FS-8388

Thetawet FS-8388 is an anionic Fluorosurfactant in a low viscosity aqueous solution which is high foaming, with stable foam. 100% VOC-free and non-APEO containing. Soluble in water and a range of organic solvents.