Flexiwet WBD

Product Overview

Non-VOC, water-based degreaser which provides powerful wetting and detergent properties in hard surface cleaner formulations.  Benefits include rapid dynamic surface tension and penetration of oily and particulate soils, and foaming.  Flexiwet WBD nonionic surfactant is phosphate-free and APEO-free.


  • HI&I
    • Glass/Furniture/Floor/Oven & Grill Cleaners
    • Soap scum removers and descalers
    • Vinyl/Aluminum siding cleaners
  • Transportation
    • Wheel and whitewall tire cleaners
    • Auto pre-soaks
    • Cleaners for Aircraft, RVs, Buses, Boats, Heavy equipment
  • Spot cleaners
    • Laundry
    • Industrial
    • Carpet
  • Fine stone cleaners and protectors