Flexisurf LO-30

Product Overview

Coconut oil based nonionic surfactant used to enhance & stabilize foam, build viscosity, provide wetting, and boost detergency of aqueous cleaning formulations.  Stable in hypochlorite bleach and peroxide systems, as well as for acidic, neutral, or alkaline formulations.


  • HI&I hard surface cleaners
  • Concentrated liquid, high foaming formulations (acid or alkaline)
  • Fine fabric detergents
  • Hypochlorite, peracid, and peroxide based cleaners
  • Inert ingredient in non-food pesticides
  • Personal care
    • shampoo, hand soaps, bath products, creams & lotions, hair conditioners
  • Textile applications
    • lubricant
    • emulsifier
    • wetting agent
    • dye dispersant
    • non-rewetting wetting agent
  • FIFRA inert ingredient


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