Flexisurf MCO-30

Product Overview

Nonionic, coconut oil based surfactant which contributes a thickening effect along with surfactancy to improve the surface cling for cleaning formulations.  Foam booster and grease cutter.  Stable in hypochlorite bleach and peroxide systems, and effective in acidic, neutral, and alkaline formulations.



  • HI&I surface cleaners
  • Hypochlorite, peracid, and peroxide based cleaners
  • Concentrated liquid, high foaming formulations (acid or alkaline)
  • Personal Care:  shampoo, handsoaps, bath products, creams and lotions, hair conditioners
  • Textile Applications:  lubricant, emulsifier, wetting agent and dye dispersant, non-rewetting wetting agent
  • Fine fabric detergents


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