Product Overview

Aqueous polymer used to impart a hydrophilic and easy clean surface which resists soap scum build-up, hard water deposits, and oily soil.  Provides spot-free drying and anti-fogging benefits in hard surface cleaners and treatments, as well as for vehicle care including DIY applications with rinse.  Functions in neutral, acid, alkaline, and peroxide environments.  Acceptable for aerosol application.


  • Hard Surface Cleaners
    • Tub & Tile
    • All-purpose
    • Glass
    • Grout
    • Floor
    • Bowl
    • Pool & Spa
    • Solar Panel Cleaners
  • Vehicle cleaning
    • Vehicle surfaces
    • Drying and spot-free rinse aids
    • Wheels
  • Safe for use on glass, ceramics, stone (except limestone or marble), concrete, masonry, stainless steel, acrylics, painted surfaces, polystyrene, ABD & carbonate