Hard Surface Cleaners

Cleaning products designed to meet your needs for hard surface cleaning.


Hard Surface Cleaners

Flexibrite TM-300

Water-based dispersant polymer for Daily Shower Cleaners. Contributes to low-VOC products providing treated surfaces which resist soap scum, body oils, and hard water spotting.

Flexiclean CWR

Alkaline detergent specifically designed to aid removal of Flexisperse CW-40 coatings from surfaces.

Flexiclean HWCC

Dilutable cleaning concentrate for finished wood floors, furniture, and cabinets. Gentle cleaning power with a biodegradable and phosphate-free formula.

Flexiclean SS-100

Concentrated aqueous emulsion used to impart high gloss to vinyl, rubber, and other surfaces. Used for tire dressings, cleaners, conditioners, shoe care products, furniture polishes, and automotive polishes.

Flexipel SR-80

Aqueous polymer used to impart a hydrophilic and easy clean surface which resists soap scum build-up, hard water deposits, and oily soil.

Flexipel SR-95HF

Functionalized dispersant polymer used to impart a durable barrier layer to hard surfaces which resists soap scum, oily soil, and hard water deposits.

Flexishine CFP-50

Ready-to-use cream that cleans and conditions wood surfaces with a streak-free shine. No residual build-up. Can be used on all sealed wood surfaces.

Flexishine CP-100

Water-dilutable, concentrated surfactant and fine oil emulsion used to create a one-step cleaner/polish/protector for stainless steel appliances.

Flexisperse 225

Methacrylic acid polymer which is an extremely effective dispersant, deflocculent, and rheology modifier. Produces stable dispersions and suspensions at high concentrations with lower viscosities.