Textiles and Leather

Care and protection formulations for textile and leather surfaces benefit from ICT products which are excellent components for laundry & cleaning products as well as for protection products to bring properties such as oil, water and alcohol repellency, soil release, and stain protection.


Soft Surface Repellents, Soil Resist, Soil Release, Stain Resist

Flexipel HR-100

Nonfluorinated water repellent for commercial fabrics such as cotton, polyester, polyester/cotton blends, and acrylic.

Flexipel HR-A200

Nonfluorinated Water Repellent and Soil Resist for carpet and fabric substrates. VOC-free, anionic aqueous polymer emulsion.

Flexipel HR-C200

Nonfluorinated Water Repellent for treatment of textile substrates, concrete, and stone surfaces such as Saltillo tile and tumbled marble. Cationic aqueous polymer emulsion.

Flexipel S-11WS

Partially fluorinated material dissolved in odorless mineral spirits. Ambient cure, soil and stain repellent protector for apparel fabrics, upholstery, and all types of leather.

Thetaguard AM-2030

Cationic, partially fluorinated repellent product which is designed for ambient cure applications to soft surfaces. Excellent soil and stain protection as well as oil & water repellency.

Thetaguard AM-2040

Anionic, partially-fluorinated protectant which imparts durable dry soil resistance, oil & water repellency, and stain resistance to soft surfaces. Designed for use on carpeting, upholstery, and leather.

Thetapel AM-5010

Ambient cure, durable repellent protector for soft surfaces. Provides soil and stain resist protection, as well as oil and water repellency for apparel, upholstery, leather, carpeting, and nonwoven fabrics.

Thetapel AM-5030

Cationic, low temperature cure, durable repellent protector for soft surfaces. Provides excellent spray rating and water repellency, as well as soil and stain resist protection for apparel, upholstery, leather, carpeting, and nonwoven fabrics.

Thetapel AM-5050PE

Durable oil and water repellent protector for polyester fabrics such as upholstery and apparel. Ambient cure product which provides soil and stain protection in addition to the excellent repellency.

Thetapel LP-C600

Ready-to-use, aqueous, spreadable gel emulsion which provides oil & water repellency and soil & stain resistance for leather surfaces without leaving an artificial sheen.