Hard Surface Cleaning and Treatment

Flexipel SR-80

This product provides a hydrophilic and easy clean surface which resists soap scum build-up, hard water deposits, and oily soil.  Spot-free drying is a benefit when Flexipel SR-80 is used in hard surface cleaners and treatments as well as for vehicle care such as DIY applications with a rinse.  Flexipel SR-80 functions in neutral, acid, alkaline, and peroxide environments.

Flexiclean AMP-FB

ICT has introduced a new bio-based, high foaming amphoteric detergent for use in cleaning products.  Flexiclean AMP-FB provides solubilizing and emulsification properties, and it compatibilizes surfactants in high electrolyte formulations. 

Flexiclean AMP-FB can be combined with Flexipel SR-80 for vehicle care formulations to add foaming and cleaning benefits.  Other applications include high-foaming concentrated liquid detergents, hard surface cleaners, transportation cleaners, and oil field foaming cleaners.

Flexipel SR-95HF

Flexipel SR-95HF is a functionalized dispersant polymer with built-in detergent, wetting, and haze-free benefits.  It is used as an additive in hard surface cleaners to enhance cleaning and leave behind a durable barrier which resists the insults of hard water, soap scum, and particulate soils.

Applications include hard surface cleaners such as tub & tile, shower, multi-surface, glass, bowl, grout, floor, pool & spa, and vehicle cleaners such as one-step self-dry, no rinse, touchless wash.


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