Transition to Shorter Chain Technologies




June 29, 2021


Subject: Transition to C6 and shorter chain fluorochemical technologies

Attached are summary points related to the transition from the traditional mixed C8-C14 (long chain technologies) to C6 and shorter chains.

  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is taking steps, with industry support, which will lead to future phase-out of the C8-C14 long chain technologies and a transition to C6 and shorter chain technologies.
  • As the industry moves to C6 and shorter chain technologies, the availability of the long chain traditional intermediates we use will be significantly reduced.
  • ICT will continue to process long chain intermediates into finished goods for use in existing applications as permitted by the U.S. EPA until inventories of long chain intermediates have been depleted.
  • “Theta” branded, C6 products are available to replace long chain products.  We are working with our customers that remain on long chain technologies to help them move to our C6 or other technologies.

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