ICT Announces Construction of Specialty Colloidal Silica Production Unit at Augusta Site

Innovative Chemical Technologies, Inc. is constructing a production unit for Specialty Colloidal Silica Sols at its Augusta, Georgia manufacturing facility.  Production will begin by 2nd quarter 2021 with a production capacity of up to 4000 dry tons of silica per year.  The Augusta colloidal silica production facility has been constructed so that it is readily expandable over the next 3 years in 2000 dry ton increments up to 12,000 dry tons of colloidal silica per year.  These colloidal silica sol products will be available in numerous market segments including Paper, Paints and Coatings, Industrial and Architectural Coatings, Functional Coatings, Foundry/Refractory, Catalysts, Water Treatment, Construction, and other specialty uses.

ICT's Augusta facility is on a 150 acre site with high volume capacity which is readily expandable and currently includes the following:  30 SS reactors/vessels and a 4000 gallon glass reactor, 2 rail sidings, truck scales, high temperature capabilities, vacuum capabilities, and distillation capabilities.

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