React-Rite TIBTM

Product Overview

Tetraisobutylthiuram monosulfide.  React-Rite TIBTM is a fast curing ultra accelerator of EPDM, SBR, NR, and Nitrile.  TIBTM may potentially replace TMTD, TETD, DPTT, TMTM, TBZTD, and some dithiocarbamates.  When combined with sulfenamide accelerators, increases cure rate and scorch safety beyond that of the sulfenamide alone.  Use as a TRGS 552 non-nitrosamine forming alternative.


  • Ultra-accelerator for natural and synthetic rubber vulcanization
  • Used in heat and reversion resistant rubber goods, such as cable sheathing and insulation, profiles, hoses, molded articles, and solid rubber
  • Suitable for use in low/no sulfur EV cross-linking systems
  • Compliant with TRGS 552 as a non-nitrosamine forming alternative to TMTM and TMTD