React-Rite NDBC

Product Overview

Nickel dibutyldithiocarbamate.  100% active or dust suppressed 98-99% active nickel dibutyldithiocarbamate powder.  Known as both an antioxidant/antiozonant and secondary accelerator.  React-Rite NDBC is easy to use and soluble in chloroform, gasoline, and toluene without requiring dispersion or emulsification.


  • Effective antiozonant in SBR, BR, CR, NBR, and IIR compounds
  • Effective antioxidant in CR, CSM, CO, ECO, and EPDM compounds
  • Used in EPDM and CSM vulcanization requiring high heat resistance
  • Used in colored CR articles to improve resistance to sunlight induced degradation and cracking
  • Antioxidant in liquid phase oxidation of lube oils and hydrocarbons by scavenging chain-propagating peroxy radicals