React-Rite DIXIE

Product Overview

React-Rite DIXIE (diisopropyl xanthogen disulfide) is a free-flowing, 100% active, fast curing secondary vulcanization accelerator for NR, SBR, and Chloroprene rubbers, and a curing agent/sulfur donor.  Compliant with TRGS (Technical rules for hazardous substances) as a non-nitrosomine forming alternative to TMTM and TMTD in the manufacture of nitrosamine-free rubber.


  • Ultra-accelerator and sulfur donor for low temperature, non-discoloring, natural and synthetic rubber vulcanization
  • Solubility in natural rubber for fast adsorption and excellent dispersion
  • Used in cements and adhesives, and an accelerator in latexes to prevent copper discoloration
  • Effective in dipped water-based latex shaped elastomer applications
  • Compliant with TRGS 552 as a non-nitrosamine forming alternative
  • Chain-length modifier, chain transfer agent in free radical polymerization reactions

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